Teacher Development

The mission of our Suzuki Teacher Development program is to help every aspiring Suzuki teacher become a fine musical model for their students and a well informed advocate for Dr. Suzuki's belief that every child can learn and excel in music.  Our SAA Teacher Trainers are dedicated to helping each participant be the best teacher they can be.

The Pennsylvania Suzuki Institute runs Teacher Development courses in accordance with the guidelines and requirements of the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA)

How do I become a Suzuki teacher?

1. Join the SAA as an Active teacher member.

2. Take the Ever Child Can! (ECC) course, an introduction to the Suzuki Philosophy and Method.

3. Submit your teacher training video audition at least 8 weeks before your first Book training course.

4. Take Book training courses:

  • ECC, Books 1,2, and 3 must be taken in order.
  • After taking ECC and Books 1-3, you can take the other books in any order.

5. After the Institute week and all requirements are met, your training will be officially registered with the SAA by the Suzuki Institute.

Preliminary Schedule 2018

The following courses will be offered in 2018:

  • Violin Unit 2, July 21 - 25 with Martha Shackford
  • Violin Unit 3, July 25-29 with Martha Shackford
  • Violin Unit 6, July 21-25 with James Hutchins
  • Violin Unit 7, July 25-29 with James Hutchins
  • Cello Unit 4, July 21-25 with Annette Costanzi
  • Cello Unit 5, July 25-29 with Annette Costanzi

Reduced-Rates at the Radisson Hotel

We would love to help make it as affordable as possible for you to come receive your teacher training. If you would be interested in sharing a room with another teacher trainee, there will be a place to indicate that on the registration page. We will do our best to pair up teachers in order of request to share a room at the Radisson ($55/night if sharing). Or you can also arrange together to find an Airbnb close by. The Radisson does offer a free shuttle within 5 miles of the hotel for those traveling without a vehicle.

 Please use the following link to book your hotel!  You will simply need to put in the dates of the Institute, and make sure the promotional code: SUZINT is listed.